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U2 is rather annoying...

bah. so michael is talking to me again. of course hes blaming himself for everything. i wish he would stop doing that. it was like that our entire relationship, and its so fuckin annoying. i can do no wrong, NO MATTER WHAT. he wants to talk all the time, but keeps bringing up old shit. that we've talked about, OVER and OVER. theres nothing left to say. i cant get that into his head. its like trying to mend a broken leg with tylenol. ashdfashdf. god, i wish he would just hate me. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! WHY CANT YOU HATE ME...

ehh... on a lighter note...


im happy.

i have all the warm happy fuzzies inside. theyre so neat. its been a while since the last time i actually got "butterflies" over someone. just the mention of their name can bring a smile to my face. im a dork, i know, lol.

wow... holy case of the manic d's, batman, lol.


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Jan. 21st, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
yay, warm happy fuzzies. :D all good.

as for mike.. darren did that for TWO YEARS. every conversation will be exactly the same. it takes them a LONG time to come to terms with things, and figure out exactly what happened. :/ just try to bear with it, and try not to get angry at his lack of a coherent brain. good luckkkk. :p
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